Daily Affirmations: Right Path (30 Minute Affirmations)

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Join us this summer as we help you get your day started the right way with morning affirmations! 3 Dolls Morning Affirmations #3DMA! Follow us on twitter...@3_dolls. 

Tip: Take 30 minutes out of your day to focus on and feel the meaning behind these affirmations

Right Path 

❤ I am a success magnet. Everything that I am a part of turns out successfully.
❤ I radiate light and illuminate the best in those around me.
❤ I am able to feel bliss in every moment.
❤ I hold strong to the belief in my dreams, they are my reality.
❤ When I focus on being, I become better at doing. 
❤ I am divinely connected to everything good in life.
❤ I attract all of the right opportunities for me and I am able to fulfill my life's purpose effortlessly. 


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