Fab Fashion Trend of the Week: HAUTE Ways to Bundle Up!

Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 in , , ,

Even though the seasons are slowly beginning to shift, we have to make sure that our fashion sense doesn't fall off unexpectedly, and please make sure you realize that "haute" styles can still be accomplished during the cool months ahead. In fact, this is my favorite time to flex my fashion sense because so much layering and texture can be used to achieve so many fabulous looks from day to day.

One trend we've noticed that has swept the runways recently has been Maxi coats. They are truly a fashion essential as they are both functional enough to separate you from the harsh elements outside but fashionable enough to polish off the looks you will be trying to achieve this Fall!

To pull off this look, make sure that the coat you choose flatters your figure and enhances your height. Please don't buy a coat that looks like you're swimming around in it once you try it on! When chosen carefully, a maxi coat will definitely add a dash of class to your closet and become one of the most versatile items you'll purchase during the Fall and Winter months. So choose wisely and make a bold statement! The more embellishments, the better... So find a Maxi Coat with all the bells and whistles and for added drama and height, pair it with some high-heeled boots to really set it off!


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