Beauty DIY: Instant Ice Pack

Published on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 in , ,

This week's Beauty DIY is a little different then the ones we've shared with you in the past.  I didn't want to let that deter me from sharing it with you, because you never know when you may need something as handy as this!  This week I came across a cool way to create your own Ice Gel Pack.  It is super simple and  easy to do!

Here's What You'll Need:

❤ Ziploc/Freezer bags
❤ Dish Detergent (Use different brands and colors to add your own touch!)

Here's What You Do:

❤ Open a Ziploc bag and squeeze the dish detergent into the bag.
❤ Remove all air from the bag and seal it tightly.
❤ Keep in the freezer. (Contents will become slushy & icy)

Remember DIY projects are all about having fun and putting your own spin on things!

Happy freezing!

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