Lifestyle: Creating A Relaxing Space

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One of the quickest ways to a happier healthier life is to learn how to relax! These days we are all running around with millions if things to do. We barely have time to live life.  One way we can begin to learn how relax is by taking a few minutes each day to slow down. Taking a 5-30 min break can be just the boost you need to finish your day as strong as you started it.  Creating a relaxing space to relax in can serve as a mini getaway for your mind and ultimately a reminder that you need breaks to rejuvenate.

Creating a relaxing space can be as small as adding some candles, incense or aromatherapy, and slow music to a small space in your favorite room.  You could even get creative and designate a room as your relaxing space.  If you decide to do a room, trying painting the walls in serene colors such as light blues and greens.  These colors are reminiscent of the sea and other bodies of water that are generally relaxing.

Other ways to make a space more relaxing is to use natural or soft lighting.  Add comfortable elements to your space like soft fabrics, pillows, and even furniture.  Make sure your space is as open and airy as possibly, you don't want to feel trapped or uptight.  Lastly, remove all distractions from your space such as televisions, telephones, and laptops.  Happy relaxing!  

What are some elements that you find relaxing?

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