September Man of the Month: Joseph

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Getting to know our Man of the Month....

DOLLS:  What is something new you recently learned about yourself?

Joseph:  I've learned that I relate songs to different parts of my day/life in general (ex: I'm a boss x Meek Mill> one day I'm going to be a boss, calling the shots while people make $$$ for me) lol

DOLLS:  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?  

Joseph:  Jamie Foxx bc he's funny, can be serious, and bald like me.

DOLLS:  What is the one thing that makes you uniquely you? 

Joseph: I have way more than one thing but if I have to choose.....
I don't judge people. I have friends who snort coke, friends who do strange things for change, friends who strip to pay the bills. But I don't judge them. Lol 

DOLLS: What would you say is your number one source of inspiration? Why? 

Joseph: My friends/family great expectations of me. People always tell me I'm destined for greatness. So it inspires me to get there. 

Looking towards the future with our Man of the Month.....

DOLLS:  What dream are you currently pursuing? 

Joseph:  I want to be the ultimate media artist (graphics, photography, music videos, tv, movies). I want people to see my work everywhere they go. 

DOLLS:  What are the first steps you took to follow your dreams? 

Joseph:  I told my dad I needed a really expensive camera and design software, and surprisingly HE BOUGHT IT. Second steps, research artists, download tutorials, basically GOOGLE everything you can about what you want to do. 

DOLLS:  What are some roadblocks that you have come across? 

Joseph:  February 15th 2010. I'll never forget. Got laid off. The money I saved up to buy new camera equipment, a Mac and other stuff went to bills and student loans(the devil). But luckily after 18 months, I'm working again and even better I'm in Atlanta so it's so many more opportunities here to explore. Oh, and did I mention my computer died two days after I got to Atlanta?

DOLLS:  Who are some individuals in your field you admire and would like to work with in the future? 

Joseph:  Tyler Perry(went from homeless to the #1 paid entertainer in Hollywood). Hopefully I can now go from unemployed to giving everyone who doesn't have tattoos on their face. They also have to have good spelling and grammar skills. 

DOLLS:  Is there anything that you’d like our readers to learn from you?

1. the only person who will do 100% for you is YOU. 
2. When no one else is there to listen and you are tired of talking to yourself, God will listen.
3. The best relationships start off as FRIENDSHIPS.
4. I'd like the female readers to learn to put the toilet seat down but y'all never seem to want to do it so nevermind. 

DOLLS:  What advice do you have for young men your age? 

Joseph:  Pull up ya pants. Take a lady on a date. Hold the door for her. Stop wearing skinny jeans. Don't get face tattoos. 

DOLLS:  At this point in your life, what makes you happiest? 

Joseph:  Having a job in a major city. Being unemployed for 18 months was the lowest point of my life...it seriously makes you feel less of yourself. Now that I have a job in Atlanta, not only can I go out and do something different every single day, I can also build a huge client base. Everyone is looking for a photographer/graphic artist. 

DOLLS:  What motto do you live by?

Joseph:  "live so that whatever you do, no man living, dead, or yet to be born can do it any better" 

DOLLS:  How do you stay motivated to accomplish your goals? 

Joseph:  Knowing that I can always become greater than I already am in addition to 5 hour energy, adderall, and caffiene pills .....

DOLLS:  What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Joseph:  A new layout for the 3 dolls website, my blog about moving to Atlanta, billboards, label packaging, pretty flyers and cool tv show intros. 

Check Joseph out on twitter @SneedTheGreat


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