Diamonds are Forever!

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Guess what, my dolls! There’s a BIG difference between diamonds and cubic zirconium. One is god-made and one is man-made. One takes years to form while the other is molded in a sterile lab. One is indestructible while the other not so much, and most importantly, one was formed under real pressure, real hardship, and real life. Which one of these could you be compared to? Which one could you compare your relationships, friendships, and lifestyle to?

Realize that you may change the setting around this gem (whether you decide to frame it in a platinum band, sterling silver or fool’s gold), realize you chose that setting but your essence (your diamond) won’t change. That’s your foundation that you stand on. That’s the relationships that you took the time to build slowly but surely.

One lesson that I learned in life is that my diamond can’t be dented, scratched, or hurt. Whenever I’m dealt a crushing blow from my career, harsh but TRUE words from a friend, or a less than perfect love life, I’m reminded of who my diamonds really are and exactly who would rather take the time to pose instead of becoming a diamond fellow.

 If the pain caused by those people, those things, forces me to look around for pieces and fragments of what we used to have in an effort to repair it and put it back together again, then clearly it’s not worth it. The diamonds in my life—my career, my friendships, family, and the only significant other that truly matters in the end—are meant to last. They wouldn’t shatter or fragment. Instead they’d use this so-called pressure to become even better and make me better.

Realize that negative comments, gossip, cheaters, phony friends are all made of that synthetic, fake material. Be grateful that they don’t have enough resistance and know-how to last forever with you. Sooner or later their presence in your life will break away. Nothing they can do will build you up or tear you down. So simply know what you’re made of, what you’re capable of, and just concentrate on forever instead of temporary people, temporary pain, and temporary things.

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