Dream Team Feature Series - Part I: Fashion Designer Billionaire P.A

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If you are into fashion, then you have picked the right night to tune into our Dream Team Feature Series.  Tonight we have the privilege of sharing with you an interview with Billionaire P.A!  Billionaire P.A is not only a fashion designer, but he is also what we'd like to call a Dream Advocate.
Billionaire P.A uses his fashion to spread positive energy, love, and the belief that dreams do come true!  Check the interview below!

D.O.L.L.S: What made you want to start your own inspiration clothing line?

Billionaire P.A:  My clothing line was inspired by my book entitled The Billionaire P.A, which is 366 inspirational, motivational, and wealthy quotes to get people throughout the entire year.  I added one more day of extra motivation for YOU just in case the government decided to add one day in the year because they seem to do whatever they want, so I wanted to be a step of ahead and motivate you. The purpose of the clothing line and the quotes I created is to infect over one billion people with success, motivation, and wealth and encourage the world to develop Wealthy Minds.  I uplift people to speak their dreams into existence and dream with their eyes open through all of the inspirational, motivational, & wealthy quotes that I create.

D.O.L.L.S: On a daily basis how are you inspired by fashion?

Billionaire P.A:  I'm inspired by fashion and every person in this world that uplifts, inspires, and motivates people.  I’m a very unique clothing designer.  I create messages and quotes that are a direct representation of people.  I wanted to create a clothing line with a purpose that would inspire people to speak their dreams into existence and that is just want I have done.  I'm truly inspired everyday by the number of people that support all of the messages/quotes that I have created.  I remember a time when my pockets were broke, but I found that the only thing that matters is that your mind makes CENTS!  With that said, I believed in myself to inspire people to live their dreams and because of that I have infected people all over the entire world with motivation. 

D.O.L.L.S: Where does your passion to “infect” 1 billion people with success, motivation, and wealth come from?

Billionaire P.A:  My grandmother once asked me in my early childhood, (1) “Would you rather help 10 people become millionaires and you be broke?” or (2) “Would you rather be the only millionaire in the world and everyone else be broke?”  At the time, I responded, “Forget other people grandmother; I would rather get my own money.”  My grandmother responded by saying, “Look at me and you listen.  Set out to help people first and you will always have people that will help you in return.”  If you set out to help 10 people become millionaires, one of those people is going to be willing to help you when you are broke, down and out.”  Since that day I set out to encourage and help people regardless of their race, size, material things, etc.

On top of that, I was raised in a negative environment my entire life that would not allow me to succeed.  I had to release my mind from this negative environment and understand the power of my mentality and when I did I created Wealthy Minds.  It has never been about just my success or just to see my dreams come true, but instead it is about helping the people around me become just as successful as myself.  It inspires and uplifts me to know that I helped a lot of people's dreams come true.  I would rather help 10 people become millionaires then to be the only millionaire in the world; because I have learned that the more people that you help when you fall to the bottom; then those people will be willing to help you back up."

D.O.L.L.S: If you could sum your brand up in one word, what would it be?

Billionaire P.A:  “Revolutionary”  - A change that God has sent down to heal the world to encourage all the people to speak their dreams into existence; regardless of race, color, size, etc.; and to live right in the middle of their dreams.

D.O.L.L.S: What other fashion designers out there do you think are making a positive influence in the fashion industry? Who are some of your favorites?

Billionaire P.A:  I truly and honestly am inspired by every single person, company, etc., that is doing something positive, inspiring, and uplifting for the people of this world.  Anyone that is encouraging people to speak their dreams into existence are the people that inspire me.  It’s not just about what one person is doing, nor is it just about what I’m doing; but it is about all of us coming together as one group, one nation, one world, & one dream in order to speak all our dreams into existence!  With that said, the fashion designer I admire the most and feel is making a positive influence is GOD!

D.O.L.L.S: Who would you say your apparel is catered to?

Billionaire P.A:  My clothing line is catered to inspire every single person in this world with and without a heartbeat.  Regardless if you are broke, homeless, your size, color, etc. I created this clothing line to uplift you; even every single person that reads this.  I created 366 inspirational, motivational, and wealthy diversity quotes to inspire all the different types of people within this world.  I wrote a quote that can relate to every single person in the world.  My mission was to infect them all with motivation and to believe in themselves and speak their dreams into existence!

D.O.L.L.S: If you could choose, what icon would you like to wear your fashion and help to spread your message? Why?

Billionaire P.A:  In my eyes, everyone is an icon to me.  Everyone in this world is very important and I speak into existence that one day the entire world will wear all of my Wealthy Minds Clothing products and the messages/quotes that I created.  I started this business to truly motivate and uplift every single person that needs motivation.  So in my eyes, you never know what each person in this world is going through; therefore anyone that is wearing my shirt is an icon because they have the potential to infect that next person with motivation as well.  However, I do speak into existence that Oprah Winfrey will one day see and love my work.  I speak that into existence and it will happen and you can mark this on your calendar today; as today’s date is 10/17/11 @ 2:35 AM.

D.O.L.L.S: Explain to our readers what M.T.D is and why they should want to test positive for it?

Billionaire P.A:  M.T.D (Motivated Transmitted Disease) – “I just tested positive with M.T.D.  If you touch me, look at me, email me, or hate on me; I will infect you with motivation.” – Billionaire P.A.

For so long we have allowed so many people to infect us with negative things and negative thoughts; it is now time to turn all negative situations into a positive and spread positive energy across this entire world.  A lot of people have been mentally programmed for failure and are so attracted to negative things that they fail to realize that their minds have been programmed for failure.  With that said, I created this quote because I knew at the beginning when people first heard it that people would hear the negative sound of it; then they would listen to me because it grabbed their attention; and by the time they finished listening to me I had infected them with MOTIVATION!   

My curse is my blessing.  I don't believe in negative things.  I don't believe in obstacles.  I only allow positive and successful thoughts to enter my brain.  What others may call a negative; it is a positive for me.  For example, I drive a car with no reverse on it and many people look at me like that is an obstacle to overcome; but that is how I created the inspirational quote, "The reverse on my car just went out on me; but it is okay, because it is a direct representation of me...  I DON'T GO BACKWARDS!" – Billionaire P.A.

I think everything that happens to a person, whether it is good or bad, makes them the person that they are.  Every single bad that may happen to me, I turned it into a positive situation and I encourage and teach the entire world to do the same.  I'm inspired by helping and seeing people’s dreams come true.

D.O.L.L.S: What can we look forward to from Billionaire PA and Wealthy Minds in the near future?

Billionaire P.A:  Currently I work for God; I'm not a preacher, but I have been blessed with a gift and I’m too gifted to lose my sanity.  I am a leader and a motivational speaker that will continue to help others find the motivation within them to dream with their eyes wide open.  I will continue to speak dreams into existence and my mission is to infect over one billion people with success, motivation, and wealth.  My main focus is not to talk about myself, but it is to allow my work and my actions to speak for itself.  My main focus is to allow people to understand the power of their minds and teach them how to use them and develop Wealthy Minds.

Wealthy Minds will be coming out with a movie and a documentary in the near future that will inspire the entire world.  Also, my book entitled, The Billionaire P.A.; which is 366 inspirational, motivational, and wealthy quotes will be released in the near future as well.  Until then I will continue to create positive quotes, inspire people and make inspiring videos encouraging people to speak their dreams into existence and dream with their eyes open.

Follow him on twitter.... @BillionairePA

Check out his site.... http://www.WealthyMindsClothing.com/


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Nyleey Dancer/Model
November 29, 2011 at 2:21 AM

I Fully Support All You Do. I Think Its Beautiful!! Stay Wealthy For You Have Infected Many!! You Are The Blessing!!