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Making a choice. Sounds so simple right? Those 3 words can mean the difference between achieving a goal or never even getting off dead center. Sadly in this game we call LOVE, most people never make a choice to decide what they truly want. Making a choice is the single most important aspect to not only achieving love but any goal for that matter. If one never makes a choice, how can they ever expect to know where they're going, how to get there, steps to take, etc.
So, how does one make a choice you ask? By following a few simple but extremely important steps:
  1. Deciding on exactly what you want, how you want it, where you want it, etc. In other words you need to first have a concrete and specific vision for the ultimate goal you're shooting for. For example, ladies instead just wanting a "nice, handsome, sweet guy who's tall, dark, and handsome" try shooting for a guy who's 6'2 ' 200 lbs, a bronzed skin tone, dark brown eyes, slim yet muscular athletic build like (feel free to insert celebrity crush here) who's selfless, very romantic, heart of gold....and the list goes on and on. See the difference? The average person may see this as having too high of a standard. I say you're supposed to have high standards, that is of course if you think highly of yourself. Just don't have unattainable standards. After all, average people only receive average because that's all they shoot for.
  2. Deciding to stick with your choice. No matter what arises in your life or what setbacks you encounter you must stay with the course of action. In doing so you will build character and reach new levels of personal wisdom that you would not have achieved otherwise if you gave up or settled.

Making a choice can be done. Making a choice is necessary whether you're looking for Mr./Mrs. Right or any big goal you have for that matter. It may sound simple, but it takes as much commitment to make a choice as it does to making a relationship work. So decide today, not tomorrow, what you want, go for it, and remember to enjoy the ride of love along the way.

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Steffon Reed is a young professional living in the Charlotte NC area. Steffon currently works full-time in finance in Charlotte and is a co-founder and co-owner of an investment company.

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2 Response to Guest Post: Making a Choice

November 6, 2011 at 10:34 AM

I'm not sure I agree with this post 100%. I think we have to be careful not to be caught up in aesthetic attributes in whom we want as mates. Absolutely, we shouldn't settle for men or women who are less than (in character, spirituality, etc.) But being specific with looks, TO ME, seems a bit superficial and closed-minded. All good women and men may not meet one's criteria in the looks department. So does this mean you will pass up the opportunity to get to know a person? No doubt, attraction should be there, but if she doesn't have the buxom bosom or if he doesn't have abs for days-- are they completely out of the equation?

I agree making choices is important and I believe sticking to your guns builds character and principle. But I believe it is equally important to carefully assess which qualities are non-negotiable and which are bonuses. To me, settling happens when the absence of non-negotiable attributes are accepted in men and women.

Of course I could have totally misinterpreted this post and if so, I'm super sorry! :) This was just my 2 cents at any rate...

November 10, 2011 at 6:11 PM

To the above reader who posted a comment. I'm the writer of the article. I agree with everything you said and you are 100% correct. What I was simply trying to do was illustrate the difference as well as importance of having a concrete vision vs having a vague vision. That point was just to give people an example.