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We would like to send a big thank you to KinxnQuirx for inviting to do this link challenge. In this challenge, she asked us to share 7 of our favorite links with her and all of our readers. It's so easy to overlook a post every now and then and we wanted to make sure that we pointed out some of our favorites to our loyal subscribers and our interested newcomers. So after talking it over and digging deep in our blog archives, here's the list we came up with!

It's no secret why we started our list off with a feature of some sort. We aim to inspire our audience by interviewing ordinary people following extraordinary Dreams Of Love, Life, and Success (hence the name D.O.L.L.S.) so make sure you check John Borders's success story out!

Remember to attract love--not run it away! If you're doing to many things on this list, your honey dip might be planning his escape route as we speak. Take heed! :)

5 Games You Should NEVER Play in your Relationship!

Childhood games are innocent fun, but your relationships shouldn't resemble a "Winner-takes-all" situation. 

We just love it when our readers ask us questions! That way we can really get involved and help them out with advice from us and our level-headed readers. If you feel the need to ask 3D.O.L.L.S. about a problem or situation you can't quite get a handle on, feel free to email us at the.three.dolls@gmail.com!

Think About it Thursday: Who Killed Courting?

R.I.P. Courting! You've been dead for quite some time now, but who's the real culprit--men or women?

14 Reasons Why Black Women Are AWESOME!!!

After seeing all the negative images of black women on television, we decided to set the record straight. Black Women are Awesome! #ThatIsAll ;)

Transitioning Part I - Twists, Curls, & Braided Hairstyles

If you decided to start your natural journey, and you're in a styling rut, then here's some inspiration. Find a style and try it out! We know you'll love them.

So...here's the moment we've been waiting for. Time to pass this challenge on to some of our favorite bloggers that we love to read. So...if you can narrow down your top 7 posts, please do a post on it and send us the link so we can share your best work with our readers! Here's the folks we want to hear from:


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