Transitioning Part II: Natural Hair - No Big Chop

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Hey Dolls and Darlings!  So, here I am still hanging in their since I have decided to go natural about 7-8 months ago.  I figured it was time for another natural hair update so I have lots and lots of photos to share with you all just like last time!  Before I do that though, I'd just like to say, like anything else.....going natural is a process!  It is even more of a process if you are going natural without doing a big chop like I am!

I decided not to do the big chop, well... because I simply didn't want to.  I am lucky enough to have a mom who can really braid so I don't have to worry much about breakage or protective stylings because she has that covered.  I make sure to keep my hair moisturized and deep conditioned whenever I take out the braids.  I have even noticed that my hair has grown and the relaxed ends are even beginning to change texture.

The one thing that going natural has taught me is that you have to do you, be you, and essentially know who you are!  You have to do it for you and you have to create your own path because no head of hair is the same.  Some life lesson hunh? I think so too!

Check out some of the styles I've been wearing.....

Two Side Braids

Before Washing and Before Braiding (After washing)

Braided Style #5

Braided Style #5b Inverted Braid

Braided Style #6 Sophisticated Ball

Braided Style #7

Braided Style #7 Side & Back View

Hope you all are enjoying my hair journey as much as I am!  If you are going natural without the big chop please feel free to comment below with tips and tricks that work for you!  


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