When Tweets Speak...

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Everyone that knows us or follows us on twitter, knows that we love to tweet! In fact, that might even be an understatement.  We tweet everything from affirmations, to quotes from our favorite authors, and even our own quotes!  What many of you may not know, however, is that we are often inspired by tweets from our followers and those that we follow.  So, we decided that we would show you all some love, not only by retweeting you, but by featuring your tweets right here on our blog!  So weekly we will by sharing with you the tweets that speak to us as we scroll down our timelines. Enjoy!

@ When it seems that things aren't going your way it usually means you're going the right way. Don't let the devil discourage you.

@ Instead of comparing yrself to others & beating yourself up, remind yourself how great you are! Celebrate what you're doing in your own life

@ The most valuable skill you can have is the ability to direct your thoughts.

@ Kindness IS always fashionable

@ Fear is a dead end. Faith is an open door.
We hope you'll follow these lovely people and get inspired by their tweets!


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