When Tweets Speak...

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Like we shared last week, we love to tweet and we love to read your tweets! So, we decided that we would show you all some love, not only by retweeting you, but by featuring your tweets right here on our blog!  So weekly we will by sharing with you the tweets that speak to us as we scroll down our timelines. Enjoy!

@ "Vision backed by intent is a powerful thing. But vision, backed by intent, coupled w/ action is an UNSTOPPABLE thing." 

@ You receive a crop of whatever you plant. Abundance or lack. Love or hate. Fear or Faith. What are your crops telling you? 

@ RT : Many head for the top, know you won't reach it unless you take God with you...

@ Never stop believing.. Magic is just science we don't understand.. Every original idea was considered insanity at first..

@  We're all divine, but I was the only one who had the nerve to call myself that. -Bette Midler

@ When you love what you do you've found true success. 

@ <===swimming in gratitude with faith as my LIFE jacket.

@ Always be a blessing to others!!!

@ "Love is honour, if anyone is doing anything that does not honour you, that is not love"- Goodnight World


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