3 Ways To Attain Anything You Want

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If you're reading this post that means you're hear because this is something you need to hear.  If not, then it probably means that someone you know needs to hear it (so pass it on)!  I'm doing this post because I'm learning that less is more and simple is better than complex! So here are 3 simple ways to attain absolutely anything you want in life.

1. Be Decisive (Know what you want).

In order to have something you must first know what it is you want.  You cannot go through life complaining that you are not happy and not where you want to be if you do not know what makes you happy and where it is you want to be!  Take some time now to sit down and right down a list of everything you want in all areas of your life!  Write down what you want in love, finances, work, health, spirituality and any other area of your life.  Don't worry about if you will always want what it is you're righting down always, right a list of what you want now and what you'd like to accomplish in the long run.  Remember, it is totally fine to go back to your list and update it as things change.

2. Become what you want.

Now that you've written your list of things you want, become it! That means dress like you have what you want, act like you have what you want, associate with those who have what you want, visualize you having what you want, and most of all believe that you have what you want!  Cultivate any necessary skills you need to have what you want and believe, believe, believe it is already yours!

3. Be patient.

Being  patient is a part of the process, so just trust the process!  Everything will happen when you are fully ready and capable of receiving it.  Until then, find ways to feel good knowing that what you want is already yours!

When you apply these tips to your life, without complicating them, you will find that you will begin to see the things you want show up in your life.  Remember, keep it simple and trust the process!


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