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Dear 3D,

I’m trying to re-enter the workforce after being a stay at home mom for 2 yrs. I feel fearful because I don’t know my worth. Today I received a job offer whose pay rate is minimum wage. I feel as if I’m all over the place, and I don’t know where I fit in anymore in the world of work. I need the financial means to support my child and myself, but I want a job that I enjoy and that pays well. I not sure what that is, but I don’t want to settle, be jobless, or work for minimum wage.

I do want to create my own path and start a business, but it takes money to make money.

I did self publish a children’s book(however it’s just sitting here because of the lack of money to invest into my dream is to have a major publisher like Scholastic to pick it up and they can invest their money into improving the quality and market my book)

What can I do to feel more confident when it comes to employment?

Dear Write Stuff,

The most important thing at this moment is to focus on the well being of you and your child, and right now, if it is necessary for you to work a minimum wage job, then don’t be afraid to do it.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for minimum wage especially if it will help to provide for you and your child.  Just consider it to be a stepping-stone to something greater.  Remember, your worth has nothing to do with how much you are getting paid. 

Before you begin to look for a job, sit down and make a list of all of your best attributes and the things that you are passionate about.  IF you cannot think of anything, have those that are closest to you help you compile a list of jobs that they think you would excel at or a list of things you’re talented at.  From there, narrow it down to the top three things you love the most and look for jobs in that area. DISCLAIMER: If you don’t find anything in the area you want right away, don’t turn down other decent jobs, because you still may learn very marketable skills from any job you get.

Concerning your children’s book….the first thing you should do is research.  Research how to submit a manuscript to a publishing company and how to go about marketing yourself as an author. Also, research the positives and negatives of submitting a query letter.  Start by creating a list of who you would like to publish your children’s book, and then research each company’s guidelines for the genre of book you’d like to submit. Once your manuscript meets their guidelines, send a query letter to the company and await their response.  As an alternative, you can also start a blog for free and share some of your finished children’s book as eBooks for free in order to build an audience.  


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