December Man of the Month: Michael

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Getting To Know Our Man of the Month!

D.O.L.L.S: If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?

Michael: If I could be given any gift, I would want to be given the ability to speak every language in the world fluently. That would give me so many options career wise and just be cool to be able to do.

D.O.L.L.S: How would you describe yourself in three words?

Michael: Myself in 3 words...funny, charming, ambitious

D.O.L.L.S: What do you consider your key to happiness to be?

Michael: My key to happiness is being able to do things I have a passion for and having a great circle of family and friends to support me.

Look Towards the Future with our Man of the Month!

D.O.L.L.S: What are the first steps you took to follow your dreams?

Michael: I'm currently pursuing the dream of playing basketball in the top level of Europe or in the NBA, and being able to tell my mom she doesn't have to work anymore for the rest of her life.

D.O.L.L.S: What are some roadblocks that you have come across?

Michael: Just constantly working on my game and signing with teams over here in Europe where I feel I would have the best opportunity to make that path to the highest levels.

D.O.L.L.S: Who are some individuals in your field you admire and would like to work with in the future?

Michael: I've come across a few roadblocks. One being my senior year of college when I originally didn't have the great season I should have. That lead to me not getting a job in the NBA or Europe right away so I was stuck playing in a minor league in the states, and then finally when I got over to Europe and I started to succeed I got injured and had to have surgery. I've had to take a few steps back because of it.

D.O.L.L.S: Is there anything that you’d like our readers to learn from you?

Michael: I've always admired Michael Jordan. He was my favorite player growing up and had a big impact on why I love basketball so much. Also, my Uncle who played both football and basketball at Virginia Tech in the late 80s early 90s. He was definitely and inspiration as well. I really don't have a specific person or group of people I would like to work with in the future. Just as long as i'm at the highest level with them.

D.O.L.L.S: What advice do you have for young men your age?

Michael: Just to trust in God, surround yourself with good people, and if there is something you really want to make happen in your life really strive for it.

D.O.L.L.S: At this point in your life, what makes you happiest?

Michael: Playing basketball and knowing I have great family and friends. I can't say that enough!

D.O.L.L.S: What motto do you live by?

Michael:  Only worry about and control the things you can control.

D.O.L.L.S: How do you stay motivated to accomplish your goals?

Michael: It's not hard to stay motivated because i'm very competitive and I want to succeed. Seeing other people in situations I want and I know I have the ability and opportunity to be in does it for me.

D.O.L.L.S: What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Michael:  I'm not really sure but the possibilities are endless!

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