Inspiration 101: 5 Things You Can Do To Get Inspired

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Sometimes before you can get motivated you have to be inspired.  It's the holiday season and that usually comes with lots of different emotions.  As the new year approaches everyone will be busy making new year resolutions and planning how they will be so much better in the new year.  To me this says that you're not inspired.  If you're not inspired then you're probably not motivated.  If you're not motivated than you stick to your New Year's resolution for a month at the most and then you'll find yourself saying the same thing you said you'd do at the end of 2012.  Don't let this be you.  If you are not being naturally inspired then there are a few things you can do to find inspiration.  The more you seek inspiration the more inspiration will reveal itself to you!

1. Read

Reading allows us to think about new concepts, receive new knowledge, and sometimes it simply provides a mental escape!  Sometimes when I am  having a mental block, I just read.  I recommend books such as the Bible, The Secret, The Power, Ask & It Is Given and many more.  Reading doesn't just stop at books either, there are many inspiration blogs, listservs, and quotes out there waiting for you to find them!

2. Look at Art.

This step is pretty self explanatory.  Go to a museum, google artists online, look at art blogs!  You're sure to be inspired by looking at all of the different colors, textures, and amazing concepts people are able to create.

3. Travel/Explore

Traveling or exploring can be as simple as just hanging out with friends and family at a new restaurant or new city in the state you live in. You can even take a trip to a new exotic place or learn a new language. These are all things that have served to inspire me in the past.  Being exposed to new culture, languages, and atmosphere allow us to see things a new light.

4. Listen to music 

Again, this is pretty self explanatory.  Turn on the radio in your car, online, or on you ipod!  Listen to music that makes you feel good.  You can even create a playlist of all of your favorite songs.  This is a good creative outlet and you may just find yourself inspired as you dance to your favorite tunes!

5. Make a list of all the things you love and post pictures of those things all around you.

Sometimes all you need to do to get inspired is to remember who you are.  One way to do this is to remember and list all of the things that you love!  Once you've done this print out pictures of the things you love and post them all around so that you can see them.  This will make you happy and a happy person is an inspired person!

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awesome list!!!