Creating Your Own Path

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There's always a way in, you just have to get a little creative sometimes. ~Kimora Lee Simmons

Sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to find our purpose, but a way to fulfill that purpose isn't always necessarily provided with your purpose.  This is when you have to get creative and create your own path.  If the front door is not open, then go in the back, and if the back door is not open, then climb in through a window.  Every one won't always believe in you and everyone won't always believe that you have what it takes to get the job done, but that's why actions speak louder than words.  

I am now creating my own path to success, happiness, and everything positive in life.  I recently graduated from graduate school (May, 2011) and not too long ago I was really down on myself about not yet having secured a 9-5 position within my fields of expertise (psychology, public health, and social work).  I've always known that part of my purpose here on earth has been and will always be to help others, hence my three degrees.  Although I'm still in the process of securing a job, I have been able to truly focus on my purpose and more creative ways that I can share it with the world.

I've been blessed enough to create my own blog (http://www.3-dolls.com) with my bestie.  We set out to inspire our peers, and based on the response we get from you all on a constant basis, we know that we are doing our job.  Being unemployed has also helped me to return to another position of creating.  In my down time I have returned to doing something I love and have loved since I was a child, creating jewelry! I have created several pieces and am thinking about opening my own online store accompanied by my own personal blog (follow the twitter account: @justsitpretty) to help women stay inspired, healthy, and beautiful!

I say all of that to say, I'm not the kind of girl to let the lack of a 9-5 get in the way of helping others, my true purpose.  Sure, I am still applying to jobs and I know I will be hired soon, but I know that just because one road is currently closed, doesn't mean there's not an alternative ( and likely better) route to success.  Below I have provided a list of ways to creating your own path.  I hope that I can inspire at least one person to realize today that they can achieve their purpose even when it seems like everything in life is standing in the way.

Steps To Creating Your Own Path

1. Discover Your Purpose (What you love)
2. Right down a list of ways that you can work in your purpose
3. Create a plan of action
4. Execute your plan
5. Enjoy yourself :-)


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1 Response to Creating Your Own Path

January 31, 2012 at 11:00 PM

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! I absolutely love this and it honestly helped me feel better about some choices I'm having to make about my path. Great post!