Inner Glam University: 5 Tips to Create Confidence

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It's still week of Self Belief at Inner Glam University and we are dedicated to helping you create positive self belief.  We know from experience that self belief and self confidence go hand in hand. Today we want to share some with you some ways that you can create self confidence.  Having confidence will help you to stand up for the positive self beliefs you have for yourself, and it will ultimately help you to succeed in all that you do!

1.  Write a script about your life and then act it out!

You are the star of your life, now sit down and write a script about the life of your dreams.  All that's left to do after you've done that is to act out your script.  Act as though what you've written in your script is already a reality.  Soon you'll begin to notice that it actually is.  This is key in building self confidence because it allows to know that you deserve and are capable of living the life of your dreams.  It teaches you that when you can create greatness within you can live a life of greatness.

2.  When people say positive things about you, believe them.

Sometimes we have a hard time believing positive things about ourselves. It's the times like that, that we must pay attention to all of the positive things others are saying about us.  When people say positive things about you it's for a reason, so instead of believing your own negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself when you're down, focus on and believe all of the positive things other are saying about you.

3.  Trust your position in your process.

Have you recently been offered a job or some type of opportunity?  It's something you've been wanting, but for some reason you're afraid to take it.  You fear that you just might be in over your head?  We've all been there!  You have to remember that if it was offered to you, it was offered to you for a reason.  Be confident and trust that you can and will succeed!  Know that you are in this position in your process for a reason, and believe that reason is for you to do your best! 

4.  Surround yourself with the best people.

You don't just deserve the best when it comes to things, you deserve the best when it comes to people too!  Positivity, confidence, love, and happiness are all contagious.  If you are surrounded by people in your life who exhibit these feelings and behaviors, guess what?  You will exhibit similar if not the same feelings.  Choose to seek out the people who have success, happiness, wealth, and surround yourself with them.  You could become a men-tee, volunteer, or even a business partner, but do what you have to so that you can surround yourself with and learn from those who possess positive qualities.  

5.  Clean up your vocabulary.

If you are going to have self confidence remember that it starts with you.  One of the steps you must take to create self confidence is to eliminate certain words from your vocabulary.  Words like never, can't, won't, and don't are all words that you should release from your vocabulary immediately.  When you practice negative thoughts about yourself like "I'll never be good enough," and "I can't have the life of my dreams" you only succeed at defeating yourself.  If you believe great things about you, you'll see evidence of those great things! Have confidence in you!


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2 Response to Inner Glam University: 5 Tips to Create Confidence

January 4, 2012 at 2:48 PM

Thanks Dolls! I needed this!

January 4, 2012 at 10:05 PM

Our pleasure! We hope it helped:)